6 Reasons Why Homework Helps Students Achieve Success?


We often hear debates in the media regarding homework and its supposed effects on students. The team at iFuture Academy believe homework is a great tool for students to develop their skills and habits for achieving success. Below are our 6 reasons on why homework is helpful.


Many parents forget a very important detail regarding homework, it is your child’s responsibility, not yours. It teaches students accountability and a feeling of accomplishment, that they will receive upon its completion. Thus, when your child does not complete it or forgets it at home, remind them it is their responsibility.

Time Management

Everyone today struggles with time management, including you as a parent. This is why training your child on this key skill from an early age is important. Remember, students complete their homework only if they are organized. One way you can promote time management skills is to create a schedule with your child, and have them adhere to it.


Completing homework on time and being rewarded will increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence on their studies. This sense of accomplishment will then carry onto next day’s homework and assignments. As a parent, you can also help by rewarding them upon homework and assignment completion, by perhaps letting them watch TV or play video games afterwards.

Improvement on Student Achievement

Many studies show that student achievement is heavily correlated with homework. Doing homework on a regular basis helps with higher grades and test results. This is because homework reinforces learning that develop the student’s skill for the particular class. We would also like to remark that too much homework can also have negative effects, such as stress and loss of interest.

Good Study Habits and Life Skills

Many studies show that students only retain 50% of what was taught in class. This means the other 50% must be learned outside through homework and actually applying their knowledge on paper. This will result in the student taking responsibility and developing study habits that will carry on with them forever. Moreover, doing homework will also teach them important life skills such as accountability, critical thinking and independent problem-solving.

Homework allows parents to be involved

There are many other important areas in your child’s life other than school, and one of those is family. By being involved in your child’s learning, you can see where they are struggling and help. Moreover, by spending time teaching them, this will be a great bonding time between you and your child. For instance, studying together every Saturday can become your routine and create many great memories!

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