Future of STEM Jobs


It can be stressful as parents to help our kids choose career paths. This is why we have decided to write a blog on the Future of STEM Jobs. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is full of fields that are lucrative, with a promising future for future generations. When you carefully consider the best 30 jobs on the STEM list, you will be impressed by their high employment rates and ever-increasing demand.

Contrary to what most people think, a STEM job is not necessarily about obtaining a degree in fancy subjects and spending the rest of your life working in a lab. Actually, many jobs in the STEM area are very diverse and offer professional as well as individual growth over time. For example, jobs such as civil engineers, statisticians, software engineers, and psychologists are a part of STEM career planning.

It goes without saying that the future is bright and shining for STEM-focused jobs. As this sector is growing rapidly, the possibility of Artificial Intelligence taking them over is very low. The skillsets required for STEM jobs are unique and require many years of expertise.

We have listed a few of the most rewarding STEM-oriented jobs for you below:

1. Software Developers: This is an innovative and creative professional who understands the technicalities involved. They offer software-related solutions to the challenges faced by different types of business entities.

2. Physician Assistant: A physician assistant is tasked with responsibilities such as caring for the injured and the sick. They are also supposed to interpret the test results and conduct examinations.

3. Statistician: This is a data scientist. A statistician relies on the given data and facilitates the decision-making process. A statistician is a high-demand job as almost every business requires their services.

4. Nurse Practitioner: A professional nurse practitioner almost has the same job responsibility as a physician does. Their duties include tasks such as;

  1. Ordering lab tests and interpreting results
  2. Conducting physical exams
  3. Authorization of appropriate treatments
  4. Prescribing medicines
It is one of the most lucrative STEM careers.

5. Dentist: A dentist has a promising career ahead of them. Be it filling cavities to whitening teeth, the job of a dentist is to examine and treat the bad teeth

In addition to the above, there are a lot more career options that STEM has to offer. Based on your personal preference, you can opt for any one of these and get a good start in your professional life. We also think this study by Microsoft and McKinsey & Company’s Education Practice can help you better understand STEM jobs and what people think about them:

EDU Thought Leadership Study Summary

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