Achieve your academic potential

Maximize your marks in High School

Academic excellence is the cornerstone of iFuture Academy. We pride ourselves in helping our high school students improve their academic results.

At iFuture Academy, we tailor a program of assistance to your child’s individual needs. This means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Although each tutoring relationship is different, you can expect us to follow our learning approach which will involve:

Assessment: the first thing we do is work with the student to understand what they would like to achieve from tutoring and their current state.

Programming: once we have agreed with the student on the goal and areas of improvement, we then map out what we will cover during the term to reach the set goals.

Mastery: during each weekly tutoring session the student is guided through a relevant concept which they then explore with the tutor. Once they have shown confidence in the concept they are given exercises to practice and develop mastery for that skill.

Review & Celebrate: at the end of the term we review the progress made by the student against goals and identify successes.


We would love to discuss your particular ambitions and how we can help you achieve your goals.

We offer tutoring services to high school grades from Gr-9 to Gr-12.

Subjects for high school tutoring:

  • Math ( Functions, Calculus, Data Management)
  • Science ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • English/ Literacy
  • French
  • Computer Studies/ Programming
  • Business Studies ( Intro to Business, Financial Accounting, Marketing)
  • Grade 9 Math EQAO Test Prep
  • Grade 10 Literacy Test ( OSSLT)
  • Homework help/ Exam prep classes