Math/English/Coding/Robotics Combo Programs

Math/English/Coding/Robotics Combo Programs

Our afterschool study curriculum which combines Math, English, Coding and Robotics studies greatly appreciated by our parents so now we are offering this unique curriculum for all students on a weekly basis. Our Combo Programs combine the fundamental STEM learning (including Coding and Robotics) enriched with Math and English studies. The Combo Program runs every week on a 2 hours schedule. Coding or Robotics classes will be held every week and Math and English classes will alternate. (i.e. one week the students will study Math and Coding, the second week English and coding etc.)

Math, English Enrichment and Coding Combo Programs:

  • Week 1- Math Enrichment, Coding
  • Week 2- English Enrichment, Coding
  • Week 3- Math Enrichment, Coding
  • Week 4- English Enrichment, Coding

Math, English Enrichment and Robotics Combo:

  • Week 1- Math Enrichment, Robotics
  • Week 2- English Enrichment, Robotics
  • Week 3- Math Enrichment, Robotics
  • Week 4- English Enrichment, Robotics

Math Enrichment and Mental Math Combo:

  • Week 1- Math Enrichment, Mental Math
  • Week 2- Math Enrichment, Mental Math
  • Week 3- Math Enrichment, Mental Math
  • Week 4- Math Enrichment, Mental Math

Math and Reading/Creative Writing Combo:

  • Week 1- Math Enrichment, Reading
  • Week 2- Math Enrichment, Creative Writing
  • Week 3- Math Enrichment, Reading
  • Week 4- Math Enrichment, Creative Writing

Math Enrichment and French Combo:

  • Week 1- Math Enrichment, French
  • Week 2- Math Enrichment, French
  • Week 3- Math Enrichment, French
  • Week 4- Math Enrichment, French