Math Enrichment Program

Math Enrichment Program

iFuture Academy’s math enrichment program is designed to promote math and motivate elementary and high school students to get excited about this subject and its many applications. The main objectives of the program are; to remove the students' fear of mathematics and to reinforce the students' confidence to master mathematics.

Our math enrichment program is NOT just a class to “catch students up,” but to also enrich the students and expand their understanding of content through real-world applications, project based learning, and student discussions.

Our math enrichment with mental math combo classes also integrates mental math concepts that will support left-right brain development, fast and accurate calculation and enhance attention and concentration.


Why is the iFuture Math Enrichment Program different?

  • The 21st century requires a new kind of learner —someone who can think and solve problems. In our program, your child can gain confidence, get inspired, and learn to think rather than just memorize.
  • Our unique combination of proven lessons, enthusiastic/certified teachers, and challenging curriculum help students develop stronger math and problem-solving skills.
  • Our program is not repetitive and boring and our teachers make sure students understand the concepts.
  • Our program does not just focus on improving arithmetic, but more focus on problem solving and aligned with Ontario curriculum