Preparing your child for the New School Year


While starting a new school year can be fun, it can be just as much stressful. There is a moment when every parent asks if their child is ready, and more importantly if they themselves are ready. That’s why we have come up with a list of 7 items to help you:

1) Start a sleep routine:

In order to avoid those stressful mornings where your child wakes up late and tired, set a healthy bedtime. This regular bedtime should be complimented by a morning routine as well. This will help both you and your child, as you will have an idea of what to do as soon as you wake up.

2) Discuss your child’s schedule:

It’s important that your child is aware of their schedule. This includes being aware of school start and finish times, when they are being picked up, and the times of any extra-curricular activities they may be doing. This will allow your child to mentally prepare for the week, and also show them that you respect their time.

3) Shop for School Supplies together:

Shopping for school supplies together can help your child be more successful, as they will use these supplies for the duration of the school year. Thus, it’s important that they use pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. that they are comfortable using. This will eliminate room for any silly excuses on why they can’t do their or why their writing is so messy!

4) Creating a dedicated homework area:

Today’s kids have a lot of distractions around them, and this causes them to lose concentration. As a parent, it’s important you set a dedicated area for them to do their homework. You should also ban the use of iPads or any video games in this area. Not only will this increase their concentration, but it will also give them a known purpose when they are in that area.

5) Emphasize the Positive Aspects of School:

It comes as no surprise that most children do not enjoy school, although it is critical for their future. This is why you should take a moment every few days and discuss the positive aspects of school. We encourage you do little discussions every few days, as repeating these positive aspects will encourage your child’s subconscious. Some topics you can talk about are friends, fun things, and exciting subjects they are learning.

6) Encourage your child to ask for help:

There may be times where your child is struggling in school, and its vital they ask for help. It can be issues with their academics, or with bullies. Reassure them that you are there for them and allow them to be comfortable with discussing any issue that may arise. You can do little things, such as leaving a note in their lunch to remind them they are not alone or going over their school day.

7) Enroll in Extra-Curricular Activities:

A school year should not consist of only school activities. Your child should have time to have fun, socialize and explore themselves. You should look into activities where they will be able to socialize in an environment they enjoy. Examples include sports teams, youth groups and academic program classes.

We encourage you look through our program list, such as math enrichment and robotic classes. During our sessions, your child will get the chance to communicate and play with children in their age group, allowing them to make friends while improving their academics.

You can find more about our Tutoring Program here.

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