Should your child learn to code? The advantages of learning to code at an early age


Kids today are growing in a world where the majority of their interactions and time are spent on digital devices. These small, yet powerful devices are in our homes, schools and workplaces, and their presence in our lives will only increase in the future. This is why it’s important for kids to understand the underlying mechanics of these devices. It can be done by teaching kids how to code, starting as young as preschool as anyone can learn to code.

So what is coding? It’s simply the coder giving instructions to the computer in a language it understands to produce a desired outcome. While this can seem daunting to many, it is actually not the case, and learning to code at a young age has advantages other than being knowledgable about our smart devices!

Below are 5 advantages of learning to code at a young age:

1) Coding teaches kids to overcome challenges and to be persistent

While learning to code, children will fail more times than they succeed. They will have to go back to their code, understand what is wrong and attempt again. This process will help them understand failure is not a bad thing, and that it is a learning opportunity to get the result we want. This is very important as many kids expect instant gratification, and coding teaches them that by being persistent, they will overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

2) Coding expands the child’s creativity

In coding, the coder has to start with nothing, and turn it into a final product. This process involves creativity, problem solving, and logical thinking. Thus, coding is not merely teaching kids how to type a bunch of commands into a computer. The coder will have to express themselves in order to create the final product. They will take complex problems, break them into smaller parts and solve it in an efficient manner. Moreover, when creating the design for the game, they will have the outlet to express their artistic feelings and create a program that they envision.

3) Coding improves communication skills

Communication is a very important skill, whether in school, work or life in general. Those who can communicate complex ideas and problems are more likely to be successful in life. This makes learning to code a very attractive skill, as its similar to learning a new language, and using that new language to create things.

4) Coding makes learning fun

Many children will learn to code programming through programs like Tynker, where they will play simple coding games to learn and create a final product. This is a process that is both fun and interactive while being educative. At the end of each class, the student will leave with a sense of achievement and accomplishment that will leave them wanting more!

5) Coding is viable career option high in demand:

As our lives become more embedded in technology, we rely more upon it. This is creating more job opportunities for both men and women with competitive salaries. Thus, by starting to code at a young age, your child may find their future career path.

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