STEM Enrichment Program

Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

The world needs engineers and cultivating an interest in technology and engineering at an early age can help bridge the growing gap.

Bring STEM curriculum to Life

STEM and 21st-century skills are quickly becoming essential for the careers of tomorrow – but teaching these subjects and skills can be challenging due to their abstract nature. iFuture Academy will help students to transform abstract STEM concepts into tangible teaching experiences using the hands-on approach. Students will experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics first-hand through innovative, engaging tools that place them in the center of the learning environment.

Some of the projects that our students work on are:

  • Young Eagles Program- Simple Wing Design
  • NASA Space Explorers Program- designing spacesuits for Mars
  • iCoders Program- Learn to code an astronaut journey to the Moon
  • iRobotics Program- Design a Frog Robot

Why is the iFuture STEM Enrichment Program different?

  • Our program is a unique combination program that includes Coding, Robotics, Engineering and Science
  • Our program teaches technology in a fun and engaging way
  • Our program is developed with NASA Education and Young Aviator’s STEM curriculum